Parent Profiles

About Our Goldens

Golden Retrievers are famous for their sunny, easy-going temperaments, and their beautiful golden coats! Originally prized for their keen hunting abilities, Goldens later became popular as pets, and now they remain one of the most popular of all dog breeds in America. 

Golden Retrievers make excellent pets for individuals and families alike! This dog is apt with children and other pets, and his intelligent, obedient nature makes him a great guide dog, or search-and-rescue assistant as well. As registered Golden Retrievers, our dogs are very affectionate and loyal. They love to romp with each other, and play with our boys in our large backyard.

Sir Winston Duke of Garrett

What a handsome fellow. Very attentive and friendly! He loves his daily interaction with his two lady friends. Nice, block-y head! He cleared all DNA testing. Be sure to check out his pedigree… his bloodlines include European Tramin line!

Sir Winston's Pedigree

Teddy Graham Duke of Garrett

He’s a handsome fella with a nice build and a broad face for an American golden, very nice personality, loves interacting with his female friends and any one who stops to give attention! He gets along great with our other male! He’s AKC registered

Teddy's Registration

Angelica My Fair Lady

Angel is a very calm, easy going lady. She's a great momma with AKC registration and clearance of all genetic testing! Her full name describes her perfectly.

Angelica's Pedigree


Tricia is a pure bred golden retriever and has cleared all genetic testing. A super family dog who is always interacting with us!

Garrett’s Fireside Ember

Ember is a beautiful young lady! A real friend, always ready to play and interact with family, as well as her doggy friends! She’s a super momma, loving and caring for her lovely puppies!! She’s DNA tested and everything looks great.

Ember's Registration

Garrett’s Autumn Glory

She too is a beautiful AKC registered girl, a super good momma loving caring for her new puppies. She too loves to play with people as well as gets along great with other dogs! She’s also DNA tested and cleared.

Autumn's Registration

About Our Family

We are Ben & Joanna Peight, and as owners of Garrett County Goldens, we want to extend a warm greeting! 

Located on a farm in the beautiful Swanton, Maryland, our puppies get to run and explore the place every day with our kids and other puppies. Our mission is to provide you with happy, healthy puppies that grow up to be your faithful companions for their lifetime!